How the Venus Factor Works – The Perfect Combination of Dieting and Exercise

The Venus Factor is the most efficient, safest diet system designed exclusively for ladies – the thousands of women who have already reached their ideal weight are living proof of that.

There are two sides of any balanced fat loss program and the Venus system does an excellent job in both areas: dieting and exercise. What the system proposes is a balanced lifestyle based on a combination of healthy foods that will prompt your body to shed those unnecessary pounds rapidly, but without jeopardizing your health and the introduction of a healthy and targeted exercise routine that reshapes your muscles in a way that will highlight your femininity.

The Weight Loss Diet

The diet component of the Venus Factor system has been developed with the specific hormonal attributes of the female body in mind. The reason why the woman's body deposits fat in a way completely different from the way men accumulate fat is that ladies bodies excrete testosterone in very small quantities and leptin, the other hormone responsible for appetite and metabolism is used very inefficiently by the female body.

The diet proposed by the Venus program is, in fact, much more than a fat loss program. It is a system that helps women achieve their best shape by helping them lose weight from exactly the problem areas that are otherwise so difficult to shape. The system comes with several complete menus for the dieters to use and very clearly formulated guidelines that walk you through what you can eat and what ingredients you should avoid.

The Exercise Plan

If weight loss is achieved with the help of dieting alone, it is not only the fat deposits that shrink – some of your lean muscle mass will go, too. With the help of the right exercise plan, you can not only prevent the loss of muscle mass, but you can tone and trim your body for the lean, curvy body you have always dreamed about.

The workout plan proposed by the program is broken down into three phases, each of them lasting four weeks, increasing the work load gradually with the help of weight training and stretching exercises. The exercises are easy to follow and the Venus app (part of the Venus Factor package as well) provides you access to great instructional videos as well.

The Venus Factor program offers you everything you need for healthy and efficient fat loss, and all this great value is available for a price that is more than affordable; so don't hesitate, give it a try and get rid of all those stubborn pounds in no time!


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